1. Supporters will be allowed access to designated viewpoints only and will NOT be allowed to drive on the track. Supporters will have to pay gate fees on entrance to the various sections of the Park.
  2. Registration is on Wednesday 17th August 2016 from 13h00 - 17h00 at the Sugar Loaf Camp Site in St Lucia.
  3. All riders must attend the compulsory dangerous game briefing and the race briefing which will take place after registration.
  4. The races will leave in batches from 7.00 am each day.
  5. To secure your team's place, FULL payment per team must be made unless arrangements have been made within 72hrs after your entry form has been duly completed, submitted and received by the Organisers.
  6. An Entry Link will be sent to teams on the waiting list first. After 2 weeks registration will be opened to all.
  7. All tents and other accommodation is based on a per person sharing with their team member basis.
  8. Accommodation will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  9. Entry withdrawals will only be done in special circumstances and applications are as per the cancellation policy
  10. Your entry will allow a significant donation to be made to the iSimangaliso Conservation Fund and local Community Projects. Details of the amounts and the project areas will be made public by electronic iSimangaliso Newsflashes.
  11. The bank reference for your deposit is your TEAM NAME.
  12. Should you be kind enough to want donate a further amount to the iSimangaliso Rare and Endangered Species Conservation Fund please use your name and DONATE as a reference.
  13. All riders must sign the indemnity before the event - NO SIGN, NO RIDE.
  14. It is compulsory for each team to carry a mobile phone and basic medical aid kit - details below.
  15. The race may be delayed or diverted at any time should the rangers on the route indicate that an area has become too dangerous. Their decision is final and race times will be adjusted where possible to allow for the diversion or delay.
  16. For safety reasons the cut off time at the finish line will be at 4.30pm each day (as specified on the day) and the decision to pick up any stragglers by the sweeper vehicle is final. Your team will still be allowed to continue the next day but will show a DNF result for the day.
  17. Teams must remain within sight of each other at all times. Failure to adhere to this will result in a 10 minute time penalty.
  18. Riders must carry sufficient nutrition and hydration and retain the ultimate responsibility to hydrate.
  19. Outside assistance will be by race officials only.
  20. Riders not completing the route and failing to report to the race office as a DNF (did not finish) will be liable for any costs incurred in searching for them.
  21. Any disputes on any aspect of the race time must be submitted to the Race Director within 15 minutes of the rider finishing.
  22. Shortcuts are not allowed.
  23. The iSimangaliso Wetland Park will not tolerate any littering and teams may be disqualified.
  24. All Park rules apply. Transgressions of the Rules may lead to eviction from the Park, the costs of which will be recovered from the transgressor. A copy of these will be presented to each applicant and any transgressions may be penalised by disqualification.
  25. In the event a member of a team needs to withdraw, the remaining member will be teamed up with other single riders.
  26. No helmet no ride!

The iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority may change modify or suspend any of the Rules and their decision is unappealable, final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into in this regard.

Obligatory Equipment
These items must be considered the bare minimum, and it is strongly recommended that riders ensure that they are fully prepared to deal with emergencies they may encounter. The following items must, however, be carried by the team during the race:
    •    NB: Riders must carry their, medical aid card, I.D, and credit card
    •    First Aid Kit – consisting of a minimum of:
    ◦    Foil survival blanket
    ◦    First Aid Dressings x 3 (Sizes 2, 3 and 4 recommended)
    ◦    Adhesive first aid plasters x 5
    ◦    Sun-block with a minimum SPF factor of 15
    •    Riders on specific personal medications are responsible for supplying and carrying such medication.
    •    At least 3 litres liquid capacity per rider.
    •    Multi-tool or bike repair tools.
    •    Mobile telephone (South Africa uses Dual Band GSM 900/1800 - this is the same as in Europe).
    •    You must ride with your phone ON at all times, we will supply an area to charge your phone, laptop, I pad etc. in the Race Village.