Dangerous Game Briefing for iSimangaliso MTB Riders

Important information about potentially dangerous encounters with game.

It is important that you are prepared and understand "how to avoid dangerous game” when taking part in this spectacular event on 17th – 20th August 2017.

"All wild animals are unpredictable and potentially dangerous, especially those that are wounded, pursued, hunted and annoyed."

Tony Conway (Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife)

In most cases, conflict situations between people and wild animals occurs when there is lack of knowledge, lazy alertness, and when humans behave carelessly. If you are riding in an area where there are potentially dangerous wild animals, ensure that you are  prepared for either avoiding confrontations or knowing how to deal with them. 

Read more on the advice given by Tony Conway by downloading the PDF document. His advice will help to give you knowledge about some potentially dangerous wild animals and how to respond in the event of an accidental confrontation.